Introducing vulgo

Introducing vulgo

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VULGO is a F/LOSS toolkit & philosophy for publishing and sharing books and other long-form textual materials over the Web.

Vulgo promotes a more sustainable and critical way of sharing textual contents over the Web. It uses FLOSS, Free Licences and plain text formats. It ambitions to coordinate tools&methods to overcome the hegemony of Google Books-Amazon in book circulation, which often appear above the publisher itself in search engines.

Our workflow for online publishing is characterized by 2 main elements:

  • it uses plain/markup text formats instead of PDF — an ex-proprietary format not suitable for reading in the browser. Vulgo will work with HTML, from a FLOSS publishing pipeline.
  • it invites readers to help in diffusing texts. When you select some text the FLOShare pop-up appears and helps you to share it on any web site. It backlinks to the original text and clearly mention the license.

We've published our collection of short stories Internet Mon Amour (IMA), relying on the Vulgo publishing pipeline (2 versions, emacs' org-mode and markdown+pandoc).

IMA presents stories of ordinary digital technological misuses and possible ways out. It's being used in CIRCE's workshops.

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