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(un)Common Grounds: Reflecting on documenta fifteen

(un)Common Grounds: Reflecting on documenta fifteen takes place on the same days as the Platform BK Solidarity Camp in Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons (Utrecht). We embrace the synchronicity of the urgencies addressed by both events and stand in solidarity with each other. The full program of (un)Common Grounds will be live-streamed at Casco. Posters and programs of the Solidarity Camp will be presented at Framer Framed and Akademie van Kunsten.

(un)Common Grounds is a two-day hybrid symposium, gathering a network of thinker-speakers to discuss the issues raised during the 100 days of documenta fifteen in Kassel, Germany. Together with invited artists from documenta fifteen and museum practitioners, cultural historians as well as activists, we share and learn from different perspectives, experiences and observations of the exhibition. We will be joined by the members of Indonesian collective ruangrupa, who curated this year’s edition.

Confirmed presenters and communities include Ade Darmawan, Alexander Supartono, The Black Archives, Benjamin Seroussi, Charles Esche, Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, David Duindam, Esther Captain, Eyal Weizman, Fernando Garcia Dory, Florian Cramer, INLAND, Jonas Staal, Kerstin Winking, Lara Khaldi, Layal Ftouni, Mitchell Esajas, Mirjam Shatanawi, Mohanad Yaqubi, The Question of Funding, ruangrupa, Reem Shilah, Subversive Film, Taring Padi, Wayne Modest, Yazan Khalili, Zippora Elders, THE PALACE OF FLOWING WATER.

For more information visit the website of Framer Framed.

School of Digital Experimentation Medellín fundraiser

At the Casa Tres Patios Foundation they want to reduce the digital divide, which is one of the causes of inequality in Colombia. With your help, they will create the School of Digital Experimentation in which they will accompany the vulnerable population in Medellín, so that they can appropriate technology and, by using it, transform their environments. Find the fundraiser here.

lumbung statement

As core members of Arts Collaboratory (one of the many participating lumbing artists) we stand in solidarity and hereby reverberate the statement released by the lumbung members and artists on the critical situation surrounding documenta fifteen. Read the full letter via and e-flux Notes.

Letter to a Silk Road

We wish to highlight last week’s book launch ‘Letter to a Silk Road ‘by Marjolijn Boterenbrood. Mapping is inherent to a world governance. Marjolijn abstracted the old Soviet map aimed at extraction to a new imaginational Silk Road through adding drawn layers. It learn us to always unmap and re-map for the worlds in which we live, and those we wish to shape. If you are interested to purchase her book, you can order it via Marjolijn Boterenbrood (edition of 55).

Rondje Singel

This weekend marks the Uitfeest – the annual opening of the cultural season in our city of residence Utrecht. For the occasion, we will be present alongside many local cultural partner institutes at Rondje Singel, held in Wolvenplein on Sunday from 12:00–18:00. During this informative and open gathering and joint exhibition, the mobile installation of Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills will be stalled at the location. For the full program, visit their website.

For our other program during the Uitfeest, click here.

AFIELD: Let’s Share!

Our partner AFIELD Study will host their third network study program and public workshop titled Let’s Share! this Saturday from 14:00–19:00 in Kassel, Germany.

The day gathers a group of artist-led initiatives and supporters who are critically reflecting on their roles as collectors, patrons and philanthropists and explore economies based on collective, decentralized and sustainable values. Our director Binna Choi and our close interlocutor-artist Caroline Woolard among others also join the conversation at the public workshop where anyone of interest is welcomed to join. Register here.

Organising Social Impact

We would like to celebrate the beginning of Organising Social Impact, a new master program at Utrecht University set up by our friends and collaborators Anders Utrecht. Our director Binna Choi and producer Marianna Takou joined a conversation during the launch at the faculty today in USBO Lecture Hall alongside Thomas de Groot and Sophie Bloemen from Commons Network. Please get to know more about the program and Anders Utrecht.

You fed me when I was hungry

During the annual COOP Summit by Dutch Art Institute, we concluded and celebrated the DAI Co-Op 2021–2022 study group You fed me when I was hungry: Food Commons and Ecology of Belonging, led by organizer and research Ying Que and artist Müge Yilmaz on the invitation and support of Casco.

We wish to thank them and congratulate the student participants Bambi van Balen, Nash Caldera, Iliada Charalampous, Dandelion Eghosa, Emilia Kuryłowicz, Ioana Lupascu, Afrang Malekian, Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu), João Polido, Lacey Verhalen, Isabelle Weber and Lissy Willberg.


Theater makers Espen Hjort and Mees Borgman have been working together since 2021 under the name Landmarks. Based on ecological issues, they create performances in which the body, sound and imagination are central. The new performance STONEWORK, which is convened with support of Casco, will premiere on 9 September during the Gaudeamus festival.

Censorship Must Be Refused: Letter from lumbung community

This letter was sent on July 18, 2022 from the artists, ruangrupa, and the artistic team of documenta fifteen to the members of the documenta supervisory board. With surprise we discovered that it became public in the German media, which quoted only selective parts of it, producing a misinterpretation. Here is the letter in full. We appeal to the international press and public to support us in our refusal of censorship.

Read the full text via e-flux:

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